Update: July 2, 2019

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Winter 2019-20 Registration on Team Snap!

  • LJ Bartle

To Register for the SAHL Winter 2019-20 Season using TeamSnap:   Please read instructions below before clicking the registration link!                                     Women's Link:       https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/195963       Men's Link:     https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/198678     Instructions:            
  • Once you click on the link above and get to TeamSnap, look above the Log In area you will see a link to "Sign Up". Click that link.
  • Enter the information to create a TeamSnap account. You must check the box at the very bottom to agree to the TeamSnap Terms of Service. When you are done click "Create Your Account".
  • You will be taken to the SAHL page on Team Snap.
  • Step 1: Click Add New Participant. Enter all of the Participant information. If you are registering for two divisions, please complete the registration form two different times. DO NOT select two divisions when on "Program" page. Select one division and complete registration. Click the link again and go through the registration process for a 2nd time choosing the 2nd division you would like to play in.
  • Step 2: Choose whether you want to show or hide contact info from teammates. We highly recommend you click this box otherwise all your profile information will be available to be seen by all your teammates. You can change this setting at anytime if you would like to allow your teammates to see some of your information, for example your phone number and/or email.
  • Step 3: SAHL Waiver - You must check the box to agree in order to register. Click "Save & Continue".
  • Step 4: Select the fee, then click "Save & Continue".
  • Step 5: Payment”
  • Payment A: Choose whether you want to "Pay With Credit Card" or "Pay Offline". If you choose to pay online enter the information required. If you choose to pay offline you will see a list of the ways you can pay (Arena Drop Box, drop off at Schell Lumber, mail to our P.O. Box). Please be aware that there is a convenience fee when using your credit card.
  • Payment B: Confirm your information, then click "Continue Checkout".
  • FINISHED: You will see your SAHL Registration Form. Save your Registration ID in case there are any issues.
  Click the "Go to Dashboard" to be taken back to the Log In screen. When you log in you will be taken to your dashboard and you will be able to see what you have registered for and your payment details. If you need assistance contact Mandy Gibson at Gibsonmandy17@gmail.com