Rules (Stouffville Amateur Hockey League)

All teams follow the Hockey Canada Rule Book with the following exceptions:

1. DRINKING & SMOKING: (Zero Tolerance Policy): Drinking of alcoholic beverages and smoking are not permitted in the Arena at any time. Any individual(s) violating the Zero Tolerance Policy (see rule 9: Conduct unbecoming a League member) will result in a suspension from league play or complete suspension for the remainder of the season with no refund; may be assessed at the discretion of the SAHL Executive.

2. GAME TITLE: Men’s Division games shall consist of two periods – one 20 minute and one 25 minute straight time periods and must be completed within the allowed one hour time period. Any time during the last two-minutes of any game when the goal spread is 2 or less, stop time will be in effect. Women’s Division games shall consist of three 15 minute straight time periods and must be completed within the allowed one hour time period. Any time during the last two-minutes of any game when the goal spread is 2 or less, stop time will be in effect. In the event that a goalie does not show or is late, the timekeeper is instructed to start the game on time as scheduled, and the team with the missing goalie will start with 6 skaters.

3. HELMETS: Helmets must be worn and fastened with chinstraps. They must be in good repair and be worn properly as per manufacturers design. “Face masks are mandatory as of 1992/93 season, with a minimum half-visor worn by all players”. The face mask must be properly installed on the helmet as per the manufacturer’s design. The executive is responsible for communicating violations with the league member.

4. THE RED-LINE: Has been eliminated in all divisions of the SAHL with respect to offside passes.

5. TIE BREAKER POLICY: In the event that there is a tie in either the regular season, a playoff, or SAHL tournament situation the SAHL will adhere to the following format. First Criteria – Team with most wins Second Criteria – When only two teams are tied the team with the best record against the other team will be seeded ahead Third Criteria – Team with the best plus/minus record (difference between goals for and goals against) Fourth Criteria – Most goals for Fifth Criteria – Least penalty minutes Sixth Criteria – Coin toss

6. ILLEGAL SHOT: Definition: The blade of the hockey stick while taking a shot, pass, or clearing play anywhere on the ice, shall be no higher than 12 inches off the ice. If a goal is scored, it will not be allowed. The play will immediately be blown dead and a face-off will occur in the defensive end of the guilty player and a warning will be assessed. The player will receive one warning and the next offence will result in a minor penalty. “No slap shots allowed”. However, a wrist snap shot is allowed.

7. PENALTY TIMES*: (Any Time During the Game) a) Minor – 3 minutes b) Major* – 8 minutes, Game Misconduct, Game Suspension c) Game Misconduct* – Leave the game, 10 minutes assessed against season total d) 10 Minute Misconduct* – 10 Minutes in box, 10 minutes assessed against season total e) If a double minor penalty occurs, a second player from the ice surface will serve the first minor penalty. * All major/misconduct penalties may be reviewed by the Executive and may be subject to additional suspensions and/or expulsion from the league.

8. PENALTY ACCUMULATION*: Any player who accumulates three penalties in one game shall receive an automatic game misconduct penalty for that game only. Any player who accumulates a total of 36 minutes during the season shall receive a one-game suspension. Any player who accumulates a total of 48 minutes during the season shall receive a two-game suspension. Any player who accumulates a total of 60 minutes during the season shall receive a two-game suspension. Penalty minutes and suspensions will carry into the playoffs. Any suspensions that occur during the playoffs shall be carried forward into the following season. Game misconduct minutes will be included in total penalty minutes. If a player accumulates three game misconduct penalties during the season he shall receive a minimum two-game suspension. Note: For the purpose of determining suspensions the calculation will be based upon the standard penalty times as outlined in Section 7, regardless of the point in the game that the infraction occurred.

9. Conduct Unbecoming of an SAHL Member*: Any unsportsmanlike or inappropriate behavior on or off the ice, within the arena, on the property surrounding the arena (i.e. parking lot) or during SAHL events, before, during or after SAHL ice time, regardless of penalties or lack of penalties called by the officials, may be subject to suspension and/or expulsion from the league with no refunds.

10. FOUL LANGUAGE*: Conduct unbecoming a League member directed at a coach or representative, to an opponent, official, timekeeper, fan, or arena staff shall be an automatic game misconduct penalty plus a minimum one game suspension. Should this take place off the ice surface (i.e., lobby) a match penalty shall be given.

11. STICK PENALTIES*: 11A) High Stick: Should a player bring (his or her) stick above shoulder height for the purpose of knocking down the puck and/or makes contact with the puck the play will immediately be blown dead and a face-off will occur in the defensive end of the guilty player.  If a stick is carried above the shoulder height and makes contact with another player, it will result in a minor penalty.  Any injury caused shall be a major penalty. 11B) Slashing*:Shall be a minor or a major penalty and if injury occurs through intent it shall be a major and a match penalty. Goalies slashing opponents in the goal area shall receive a major penalty. Offensive players slashing the goalie in the goal area shall receive a major penalty as well.

12. “Slue footing” and “High Sticking"*: Slue-footing an opponent or any high stick that causes a cut to an opponent will result in an 8-minute major penalty, expulsion from that game and a minimum of one game suspension.

13. BODY CONTACT*:No player shall at any time make body contact deliberately hitting an opponent with the hips, arms or shoulders whether such player has the puck or not (this includes pushing). A minor or a major penalty shall be given. A major or minor penalty shall be given if the offensive player contacts the goalie. Any retaliation by the goalie will also be a major or minor penalty. Riding a player off the puck is permitted as long as he is not propelled with force into the boards. Also, no penalty is given when two players collide accidentally while attempting to chase a loose puck.

14. FIGHTING*:(Constitutes one punch) First offense shall be an automatic game misconduct plus a minimum 1-game suspension. Second offense the player is suspended for the balance of the season with no refund.

15. GOALTENDER INTERFERENCE:A minor penalty  shall be given to any offensive player who enters the blue ice (goal crease) in the defensive team’s zone and makes contact with the goaltender unless pushed into the goaltender by an opposing player.  No offensive players are allowed in the crease unless the puck is loose and in play.  Play will be blown down and the puck taken out to the blue line.

16. DELAY OF GAME: A minor penalty shall be assessed any player or team who deliberately stalls the game using the following tactics: Holding the puck against the boards while not being checked. Intentionally shooting the puck into the stands. Not lining up properly at face-offs after one warning by the officials. Goalies holding the puck with no opponent near him/her. Unnecessary discussions with officials with regards to certain calls unless it be the Team Rep or Captain. Players adjusting their equipment on the ice instead of in the player’s box. During a penalty, the penalized team can not make substitution of players during a stoppage of play. Penalized team must change “on the fly”.

17. MATCH PENALTIES*: (e.g., attempt to injure). The first offense is an automatic game misconduct plus a minimum 5-game suspension. Second offense the player is suspended from the League with no refund.

18. ANY MAJOR PENALTY*: (e.g., unnecessary rough play, body contact major, high stick major, slashing major, etc.) Will result in game misconduct and one-game suspension.

19. MISCONDUCTS*: 10-minute misconduct shall be assessed for any attitude the referee deems unacceptable.

20. SUSPENSION: Anyone suspended cannot take part in any aspect of a game, e.g. coaching. Anyone given a game misconduct penalty must go directly to the dressing room and stay there until the end of the game or leave the building. He/she will not be permitted to stand in the lobby or on the bench and watch the game.

21. PROTESTS: During a game, any call or incident can only be questioned by the designated team Rep (Men’s Divisions) or Captain (Women’s Divisions). Questioning the referee’s decision does not constitute a legal protest. A protest must be in writing within 48 hours addressed to the President, including a cheque for $25.00 made out to SAHL. The League Executive including the Director of Rules shall reply within 48 hours of their ruling to the team representative.

22. ATTENDANCE: Any player who misses (3), three consecutive weeks of play may be removed from his or her team and be placed on the waiting list for their division. His or her spot on the team will be filled by a player from the waiting list.

23. NECK GUARDS: All players in the women's divisions, including goalies, must wear a neck guard and/or dangler for goalies.

24. MINIMUM NUMBER OF PLAYERS: A minimum of 6 skaters plus one goalie (or 7 skaters) is required to avoid a game default.This is applicable to all divisions, except Sunday Men’s 50+ to require a minimum of 7 skaters, and Wednesday Men’s Open to require a minimum of 5 skaters.  In line with the above referenced requirements, the minimum noted players to be on the ice prior to the end of the first period to avoid default.

All questions regarding interpretation of the rules will be handled by The SAHL Executive Committee
Referees, Players and Timekeepers are to be ready to start at the scheduled ice time.  

Please know in the event of a default, if a game is played, it is still covered by insurance; Along with during a scheduled game, in the even of a default, all Referees and Timekeepers are required to continue their services to the end of their scheduled game time in order to be paid.

During a stop in play (during a whistle, injury, etc.), only the Referee can initiate a clock stoppage during a game.  This call is for the Referee to make, not for Players to notify the Timekeeper to undertake.

Payment Terms:
Send payment payable to the SAHL to: • PO Box 92 Stouffville ON L4A 7Z4

SAHL drop boxes in lobby of Arena and Clippers Complex (do not put cash in the drop box)

Returning SAHL players must register and pay by Aug. 1st to be included in the DRAFT. Any new players to the SAHL who have registered and paid will be placed on a WAITING LIST and will be included in the DRAFT on a first-come, first-served basis depending on availability in August. Playing this season does not automatically register you for next season. You must register for each season and each division. Receipt of registration and payment does not automatically ensure placement on a team.

Cancellation Policy - If you cancel before the draft, you’ll get a full refund.  If you cancel between the Draft and Christmas – half refund.  No refunds after Christmas.